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Prayer and Praise Points

1. Cathy Timko will be back in the hospital to have a pacemaker implanted. Pray for her in this process as the doctors do the procedure and for her recovery.

2. A man who has been attending Big Woods recently, Richard Young, is experiencing health problems related to childhood leukemia that may have returned. Pray for him and that he would rely on the Lord in this situation.

3. We are praising God that the women’s ministry Bible studies are going well! There have been over 40 women involved, some of them non-believers. Pray for the time together and that those who know the Lord would grow in love and knowledge and that the women who do not know the Lord would come to know the Lord!

4. We are praising God for the progress being made on the projects. Both the youth room and the front entrance are coming along nicely! Pray for wisdom with upcoming projects and how to best proceed!

5. Pray for our new Sunday School classes starting July 10th. Pray for the teachers as they prepare and for all who will participate in the classes. Pray the classes would build up the body and glorify God!

6. As we continue to offer the worship night to pray about how we can respond to the need in our community, pray we will be able to minister to the needs of our community regarding addiction. Pray God would bring the right people there and that He would work through this service to make an impact in our community in setting people free from sin.