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Prayer and Praise Points

1. Pray for Luke and Julianna Brady as they travel to Missouri to continue their education at Bible school. Pray for safety in their travel and their time in study while parenting and working. Pray God would give them the time, energy, and attention to learn what they need to!
2. Pray for our many teachers as they prepare to go back to school. Pray they would have a good witness as they teach and glorify God in the process. Pray as well for our students as they return and face the challenges of the day. Pray that God would protect them and keep them strong in the faith.
3. Pray for those involved in the Lock Haven University merger. Pray God would grant wisdom for those who are making decisions and that the procedure would be smooth.
4. You may have noticed the prayer points have been sparse lately. This is not because there are not things to pray for, but because many of the things the elders have been praying for are able to be shared in this way. There are many people hurting, struggling, and battling sin that need prayer. Pray for them and know that even though you may not know the details, God does.