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Prayer and Praise Points

PRAYER AND PRAISE POINTS –September 16, 2021
1. Pray for the Gaunts, specifically Lynel, as they mourn the loss of Jay. Pray that the service would glorify God and that people would be drawn to Jesus through it.

2. Pray as well for the deacons as they process Jay’s death. Jay held a significant role among the deacons so pray they can discern how to honor God by honoring Jay and how he served as a deacon.

3. Jay Merryman had surgery recently to remove a brain tumor. The surgery went well but he has been in considerable pain since the surgery. Pray he would experience relief.

4. Rachael Montei is in the Williamsport Hospital with Covid. Please pray that her lungs would clear. Praise God her fever has come down since she has been hospitalized.

5. Pray for the elders who are in need of wisdom in leading the congregation. Pray for faithfulness and joy in serving.

6. Pray for our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan. They are facing extreme persecution, so pray for comfort, protection, peace, and that the gospel will advance even in the midst of the chaos.

7. Pray Home Groups and Sunday School would fulfill the purpose of building up the body in love for God and one another. Pray for each Home Group leader and participant that they would grow in knowledge and love of God.