September 17, 2015

Foreign Missions

Big Woods takes the final command of Jesus very seriously and pursues making disciples of Christ in Clinton County and around the world.  We have the pleasure of working with many missionaries through friendship, prayer and financial support.

a. Feeding on God’s Word

b. Prayer life

c. Filling with the Holy Spirit

d. Maturity and growth in grace

e. Victory over Satan and the flesh

2. Pray for your missionary’s physical and emotional life. Many missionaries live and work in difficult climates and where various diseases are prevalent. Pray for their health and safety. Also pray for deliverance from discouragement, loneliness and depression as they are in the thick of the spiritual battle.

3. Pray for your missionary’s family. Pray, if married, for the husband and wife’s relationship. Pray for the children—for their salvation and growth in the Lord. Pray that as a family, they will provide an excellent model for the people among where they serve.

4. Pray for your missionary’s ability to communicate. Communication is the key to everything a missionary does. We must communicate with our lives and lips. For many, they must adapt to a new culture and learn a foreign language. Many languages, if not all, are difficult to learn. And a superficial knowledge of a language makes it very difficult to communicate spiritual truth. But knowing a language is not enough. A missionary must adapt culturally and communicate the love of Christ with the people he is seeking to reach.

5. Pray for your missionary’s ministry. Pray for boldness, open doors and open hearts.

6. Pray for your missionary’s fellow workers. Most probably, your missionary is not working completely off on his own someplace. He is usually part of a team and he will likely be working closely with the believers in that country. Probably, more than any other place, this is where Satan often gets in and causes havoc.
For a map and photo of all our missionaries and where they are in the world, please visit the welcome area in the church.

Seth & Emily Boger – Middle East
Brian & Rachel Montei – ITEC – a non-denominational ministry utilizing volunteers to meet the technical needs of missionaries and not-for-profit organizations worldwide.
Philip & Bea Schuring – Brazil
Brad & Tricia Henderson – Transitioning back to USA
Jareb & Amy McClain – Beyond the Reef Ministry – Bible translation and Bible study development for indigenous people in the Asia/Pacific region
Craig & Shelly Schafer – Ministering to indigenous people in the Asia/Pacific region
Sascha & Damaris Kroeker – Africa