This Week’s Need to Know – 2/23/2017

I don’t know about you, but I’ve enjoyed the warmer temperatures and look forward to spring.  Spring is a wonderful time of year, and now that I’ve been through a real Pennsylvania winter (even though it was mild), I now better understand why cleaning is reserved for the springtime.  One simply does not do much cleaning when it’s freezing cold outside.  One of the fun things about spring cleaning is finding things you didn’t even know you had lost!  I had a moment like that today while I was cleaning up some things on our church’s YouTube page.  While I was there, I found this wonderful video.  I wanted to bring it back out as a reminder of what’s going on at Big Woods.  Yeah, we’re building a building and have a lot of stuff going on right now, but this video is a great reminder of why we’re doing all that stuff.  It’s because there are more people in our community that need us to tell them our story of how Jesus loved us and completely changed our lives.  May God give us a 2017 where many new stories will be made through the ministry of Big Woods in Lock Haven.


NAVIGATE Youth Activities
The SPRINTER Retreat is March 3rd – 5th.  Sunday is the deadline for signups.  For more information, please contact Pastor Stuart.  Winter Jam will also be in March.  Click here for more details and to sign up online.

Sunday School Recap
Pastor Aaron has been taking us through a Bible survey entitled, Bible from the Ground Up.  These classes are now available online.  You can click here or “Sunday School Recap” underneath the “Sermons” menu on the home page to view past lessons.

New Building Update
Every week more and more is accomplished in the new building.  The construction crew has been moving quickly.  This week they poured the foundation to connect the foyer of the main building to what will eventually be Sunday school classes.  They have also removed the windows from the main building.  Looking forward to seeing continued safety and progress in the project.  To see the latest pictures, click here.