This Week’s Need to Know – 09/22/2017

You will want to be here this Sunday, as Erik Evans will be giving an important Vision 20/20 update, including information on where we are in our building renovation process.  Whether you’re a long time Big Woods member/attendee, or you’re new to the Big Woods family, you’ll want to join us as we revisit our journey and take time to focus on God’s goodness, provision, and plan for our future in Lock Haven.  The presentation will be given in both services.

Home Groups
Home Groups have officially started, but that doesn’t mean you have to be left out.  You are always welcome to join a home group any time of the year they are in session.  If you haven’t joined yet, or have questions, please contact Pastor Aaron today!

Women’s Ministry Events
There are two events on the horizon for the women of Big Woods.  The first is the Adorned livestream event hosted at Big Woods on September 29th & 30th.  On October 20th, Heart to Heart will be hosting the Autumn Fall Night.  Visit the link above to learn more about the Adorned livestream event.  More information is coming soon about the Autumn Night.

In order to offer on-site parking to visitors, seniors, and families with babies and toddlers, we ask you to please park in another area other than the church parking lot on Sunday mornings. Please be careful not to block driveways or garages when we park along the streets in the community.  The parking lot at the Train Station located at the end of Logan Ave. is also available.  Thank you for your help!

And please, when it comes to parking, don’t be this guy!  See you Sunday.