This Week’s Need to Know – 07/05/2018

Our next church in Revelation is the church at Pergamum.  Pergamum was the capital city of the Asia minor region (modern day Turkey) of the Roman Empire.  It was a city corrupted by pagan practices, Caesar worship, and a sinful culture.  Yet, in the midst of this darkness, the light of the Gospel shined brightly in the lives of a group of believers that gathered at the church in Pergamum.  Much can be learned from this church that stood boldly for truth in a depraved society.  Not only do we learn from their commendations, but from the warnings Jesus gave them as well.  You can read about this church in Revelation 2:12-16.  Here are some other interesting articles about the church at Pergamum as well that will help understand cultural and historical elements of this city and church.

The Church at Pergamum – Ed Stetzer
Pergamum – The Compromising Church – Janene Keeth

Due to the fact we are at a major turning point in the life of Big Woods Bible Church, we have chosen to do a Family Movie Night as our big summer outreach in lieu of our VBS.  The event is planned for Friday night, August 10, starting at 6:30, and will be held at Hoberman Park in Lock Haven.  We’ll be providing a dinner and the movie will start at dusk.  We want to bless members of the community by serving them, and give them a blessing basket full of things they can use in their every day life.  We would like to give away 100 baskets to those attending.  We will also need volunteers to help us with everything from technical help to those that will mingle with the purpose of striking up conversations with our guests.  If you would like to help, please contact Pastor Josh or Charlotte Conser.  A shopping list is provided below for those that would like to donate a basket.  The estimated cost of a basket is $15.  If you would like to donate $15, please designate your gift as “VBS” or give on our E-giving website and choose the category labeled “VBS.”  You can also give using a credit/debit card at our Give+ Sidekick Giving Kiosk located downstairs in the Fellowship Area.

Shopping List

  1. Small Laundry Basket
  2. Paper Towel Roll
  3. All Purpose Cleaner
  4. Tissues
  5. Dish Cloth, Dish Towels, & Dish Soap
  6. Toothpaste & Toothbrushes
  7. Hand Soap & Body Wash
  8. Small Notepad

We still need a host home for the July 9 Back Yard BBQ.  If you would like to reserve that spot, please click here and do so right away.  If we have no host by noon on Friday, July 6, then we will have to cancel the July 9 BBQ.

WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY (Psalm 119) – Tuesday mornings at 9:30, or Tuesday evenings at 6:30.
YOUNG ADULT BIBLE STUDY – Thursday evenings at 6:00 at the home of the Batdorfs.
YOUTH POOLSIDE BIBLE STUDY (John) – Tuesdays at 3:30 PM at the home of the Redcays.
MEN’S PRAYER BREAKFAST – Saturdays at 9:00 AM at Restless Oaks Restaurant.