This Week’s Need to Know – 6/8/2017

Sunday is the last message in our Vision Series.  We’ve purposely taken a closer look at our vision.  We revisited relationships and what that looks like from a biblical perspective.  We examined what it means to glorify God and how important that is.  We focused on the importance of seeing lives transformed by the Gospel and looked at how God can use us in that process.  On Sunday, we focus on the future of Big Woods, and the future involves you.  Join us on Sunday as we see where and how you can be a part of helping us fulfill our mission at Big Woods.

Sunday Vision 20/20 Update!
This Sunday, at 9:30 AM, in the auditorium, Pastor Tim invites you to join us for a special Vision 20/20 update.  He will share our current construction status, as well as look at how we are progressing on our Vision 20/20 Mile Markers.  Make sure you’re here and ready to listen to how God would have you be involved in fulfilling our mission for His glory!

2017 Graduates
Congratulations to all of our 2017 graduates!  Your church family celebrates this important milestone with you, and we look forward with anticipation for what God has for your future!

College Graduates: Benjamin Conser, Kara Heckman, Bridget Kovacs, Stuart Redcay, Brady Reese, Philip Rodo, Ellen Turner

High School Graduates: Brody Baker, Landon Breon, Kyle Everhart, Zach Frankhouser, Keli Kwiatek, Kathryn Myers, Samantha Roupp, Trevor Smith, Caleb Turner