This Week’s Need to Know – 05/10/2018

Normally I wouldn’t lead with something like this, but there are new parking ordinances being enforced in the Castanea Township.  These changes went into effect on Monday of this week and were published in the Express.   A map is provided below to let you know where you can park (green) and cannot park (red).  The most significant change is there will be no parking allowed in any of the alleyways in the township.  Make sure you read over the article in the link above and also check out the map below to be aware of the changes.  Please continue to leave the main lot available to guests, elder members, handicap attendees, and parents of small children.  Parking is still available at the Train Station located at the north end of Logan Ave.  Thank you for your help.

Pancakes are about so much more than staying up late and picking the right syrup to douse them. It’s about showing love and serving students. The pancakes provide an entry point for conversation about beliefs as we show love. Based on how many cups of coffee were served, there were probably around 300 students who came by to eat and be served. This really is a great opportunity that we look forward to continuing and pray that God will allow us to use for His glory! Thank you to all who helped out and made it possible! It was a late night, but as we wrapped up a conversation around 1:30 AM, we left encouraged that God uses us even when serving something as simple as pancakes in love to make Himself known to people.

There will be a baptism service immediately following the second service on Sunday, May 20.  If you are interested in being baptized, please fill out the tear-off portion of your bulletin and place it in the offering plate or contact the church office at 570-893-8274 or

A great way to share love to the body at Big Woods is to be a part of our Make-A-Meal team.  Perhaps you’ve never heard about this group.  What they do is respond to those in our body that need meals for a short period of time.  If you would like to know more about this group, please contact Julie Borges by email at