This Week’s Need to Know – 05/03/2018

This Sunday morning at 9:30, we’ll continue our study on [Re]Membership.  This week’s focus will be on relationships.  Our stated mission is to Love God, Love People.  These two concepts work together, not independently.  We’re called to love one another.  In fact, our relationship to others was so important in the eyes of Jesus, He instructed worshipers in Matthew 5:23-24 to go and make your relationships right with your fellow brothers and sisters before you come to give an offering of worship to their Heavenly Father.  Proper relationships are crucial, and once they are in alignment, truly productive ministry can follow.  Thom Rainer says it like this in his book, I Will – Nine Traits of the Outwardly Focused Christian: “Simply stated, ministry is more likely to take place with people who know each other well.  And the primary way we can know other church members well is to be in a group together.”  Join us as we learn and discuss practical ways we can use the truths of God’s Word to love God and love people!

Our semi-annual pancake outreach will happen on Wednesday night, May 9, from 11PM – 1AM on Thursday.  We still need pancake mixes (just add water plain or buttermilk) and syrup.  If you’d like to help, please contact Jenn Braun.  We need volunteers on site, people who want to sit and strike up conversations with the students, people to do prep work and clean up, and most importantly, people to pray God will open hearts to the Gospel.

Our Bookshelf is growing and expanding.  We love to be able to keep plenty of good books available to the body for our edification.  However, if you have any of those books at home, please return them as soon as possible so someone else can be blessed by them.  If you really would like to keep it, please consider a $10 donation.  You can even make a $10 payment at the bookshelf using your credit/debit card.  Thanks for helping us keep great reading material available to the body of Big Woods.

The May Women’s Prayer Breakfast will be held at the church on Saturday, May 12, at 9:00 AM.  A devotion on The Names of God will be shared, and then we will enjoy a time of prayer.  Please bring a breakfast item to share.  There is a sign-up sheet in the fellowship area.  You can also sign up by emailing Adrienne Johnston at  You can still join us even if you’re not signed up ahead of time.

If you have a child involved in Little League in our community, hopefully you’ve seen one of our signs!  We want to express our thanks to a generous donor that put these on five separate ball fields in the area.  If you see the sign, be sure you point it out to your friends and fellow parents of Little League.  Let them know that’s your church!  Hopefully it will be an opportunity to start a conversation that could lead to them visiting us on a Sunday or even better, a chance for you to share with them the good new that Jesus saves!