This Week’s Need to Know – 04/26/2018

We’ll continue our Sunday school study on [Re]Membership on Sunday morning, at 9:30 AM.  Last week, we had a great time of teaching and discussion as we talked about the importance of faithfully gathering together as a corporate body for worship.  We were reminded that beyond that corporate gathering, we need to be in authentic, transparent relationships with others in the body for the purpose of accountability and discipleship.  Next, we’ll look at the topic of church discipline.  On Sunday morning, we’ll carefully look at what Scripture has to say on this topic, and what it’s purpose is in a local body of believers.

Our semi-annual Pancake Outreach at LHU will start on Wednesday, May 9, at 11:00 PM and will go to 1:00 AM the next morning.  There are a couple of ways you can help.  If you would like to help prepare pancakes (either before or at the event), please talk with Pastor Aaron or Jenn Braun.  If you can’t help at the event, you can help by donating “just add water” pancake mixes (boxed original or buttermilk) or bottles of syrup.  If you have a pancake griddle we could borrow, that would be helpful as well.  We will serve hundreds of pancakes that evening.  The most important thing we can do as a body is pray.  Many of these students not only do not know Jesus, they have been taught to think negatively about Him, and his followers.  Pray God will work in the hearts and lives of those we are able to share the love of Christ with at this event.

We have two safe, secure, and simple options for you to give electronically to the work of the Gospel through Big Woods Bible Church.  First, you can use our e-giving page on our website to set up a personal giving account and give using your credit/debit card.  You can use that site for a one time gift, or you can set up a customized recurring giving plan as well.  Also, you can give using your smartphone by downloading the Give+ app from Google Play or the App Store.  The same options of a one time gift or setting up a recurring gift are available as well.  For more information, please contact Pastor Josh today.