This Week’s Need to Know – 03/19/2020

Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ.
-Colossians 1:28

THIS WEEK’S TEXT: Exodus 12:1-13:16The Final Plague
Taught By: Pastor Tim

We want to announce our plans as we move forward – for the time being.  First, we will not be having our regular gathering on Sunday mornings, or any gatherings at this point until we receive word from health officials.  That being said, we will continue with our regularly scheduled worship service online via our Facebook page.  If you are not connected to that page, click here to find it online.  Be sure to like our page to receive regular updates and content.  The live service stream will start at 9 AM.  Here’s a high level view of what that will look like (more details to follow in the coming days).

  • Service stream will start at 9AM (5 minute countdown at 8:55) with a welcome and announcements.  Be sure to sign into our stream early and be sure to check in by sharing something in the comment section and click the like button.  That will let us know you are ready to worship with us.
  • YouTube links to music will be sent out for worship music for you to play in your homes between the announcements and the sermon.
  • We will be taking communion together.  This will be very different, but we ask you to prepare for this by having bread and juice available during the live stream.  Pastor Tim will lead us through this at the end of the sermon, just like we normally do.  While this will feel very different, we believe this will be a sweet time together as well as a wonderful act of worship to God

For the next several weeks, this may be our new normal.  Keep in mind, this is a temporary measure.  We are blessed to be able to still connect and interact with one another in spite of our current circumstances.  We are looking forward and even now planning on how we come back together as a body with our Sunday corporate worship.

We will continue to send out regular updates via email and Facebook letting you know what is happening and how you can connect with us online.  If you are not sure how to connect with us online, please reach out to us and we will have someone either walk you through the process or stop by your house and get you connected.  Just send an email to and someone will get in touch with you.

As you saw yesterday, we still have several ways you can give to Big Woods online.  Click here for more information on that.  You can also download the Give+ App on your Apple or Android device. Once you download the app, type in and click search.  Select Big Woods and then follow the prompts to sign in or create an account.  If you have created an account for our E-giving page, you can use that to login to the Give+ app.  Click the + button in the top right hand corner and follow the prompts to make your gift using the app.

We had planned to have a class in the near future called Hard Questions.  If you have a questions, feel free to submit it online here.  We’d like to hear from you and send out what we learn from biblical study of the topics of your questions.