Sunday Service Outdoors

On Sunday, we will gather again for another one of our outdoor services.  We had a great time and great weather for our last service.  The setup will be very similar to how we did things last time.  You can park and bring a chair (or use one we provide) or feel free to park along the back, drop your tailgate, or even bring your own seating setup.  We encourage you to bring a picnic lunch or a BBQ and enjoy time together in fellowship.

The building will be open for those that need access to the restrooms.  Please wear a mask while in the building.  They will be provided at both the front and back entrances.  For those that find it difficult going up the hill to get to the restrooms, one is available in the downstairs basement area.  The entrance to access the restroom is the glass door located next to the roll up garage.  Any of our deacons will be happy to help direct you to the entrance.

There is much happening now in our world and community, and much of it is a direct result and reminder of the fact that we live in a beautiful world that has been marred by sin.  Our worship service is a weekly reminder for us to come together and remember and worship the Creator of this beautiful world, and redeemer of all that is wrong with it.  It’s a great time for us to renew our hope in Him and renew our focus on what He would have us to be to one another and to the community beyond.  We look forward to worshiping together with you in unity as we lift up our voices and turn our hearts to our Savior this Sunday.