Parking Change This Sunday


Please be aware of a few changes this Sunday.  As you can see from the picture above, there has been some significant flooding after yesterday’s rain.  Unfortunately, the water is not receding and temperatures are dipping down into the teens which will make for quite a mess on Sunday.  Front parking is better, but still a bit icy.  We will be working tomorrow and early on Sunday morning to make sure the entrance ramp is as safe as possible for Sunday’s services.  The handicap lot is available, but please only use that lot if you need it.  We have a very limited number of spots there.  All other parking is either flooded or covered in snow.

This is very important:  If you would need to access the front entrance, make sure to use S. Washington St. to access the front lot.  If you need to use the handicap lot, please use the S. Hanna St. entrance.

Thankfully, we have a backup plan.  Please plan to arrive a little earlier than usual and be patient as we deal with the icy conditions on our property.  Read carefully below about how we will work around our current parking issues.

  1.  Use the S. Washington St. entrance and drive up the ramp to drop off your family at the front entrance.
  2. Exit the ramp and take S. Washington St. to E. Walnut St.  Go left on E. Walnut St. and go under the Paul Mack Blvd Overpass.  Turn left on Vesper St.  Use the front entrance to the Clinton Plaza shopping center.  Stay to the right and use the available parking in that parking lot.  Someone from Big Woods will be there to help make sure you get to the right place as well as point you to the pickup/drop off spot there.  See the map below for more details.
  3. Park in the Clinton Plaza shopping center parking lot (south side of lot).  A van will pick you up and drop you off at the front entrance of the church.
  4. After Sunday school has finished, you and your family will be shuttled back over to the parking lot.

Please be patient with us on Sunday, as we will work as quickly and safely as possible to get everyone back and forth to where they need to go.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Pastor Josh at