Parenting Isn’t for Pushovers – Lessons 4-5

Once again we wanted to send you a little reminder of the ground we’ve covered about the subject of sports and how we can keep them in the proper perspective as we teach and lead our children toward Jesus.

Worshipping God or Worshipping Sports – You CANNOT Do Both


  1. ADMIT the ease by which sport(s) can become a “god” in your life.
  2. RECOGNIZE the specific area of sports in your life that offer the greatest temptation to “worship”.
  3. SATURATE yourself w/ Gospel truth which gives a clear view of purpose, redemption, joy & success. 
  4. SEEK to make the necessary changes in your life that will guard you from this temptation. 
  5. ALLOW others to speak into your life and let them regularly “Check-in” you hold you accountable.

The following is from Seth. He wanted to share this with you.

Sport is like life in a shortened, more intense form. That’s why Paul uses examples of race in Hebrews. It’s a test physically but spiritually also, to keep the faith (knowing who God is) in the midst of physical challenge. Sport tests attitude, humility, submission, selflessness, and perseverance; as does the Christian life. One is there to help us learn about the other.

Two Questions to Consider:
⁃       Are you in the race (running toward Jesus as a Christian)?
⁃       and if so, Are you running faithfully, overcoming challenges while looking to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith?

Tips on Technology (from Tim Challies,  Parenting Well in a Digital World)

  1. REJECT IGNORANCE, EMBRACE EDUCATIONYou need to put off ignorance and in its place put on knowledge.
  2. REJECT FOLLY, EMBRACE RESPONSIBILITY – You need to have a plan for introducing new technologies to your children and for monitoring them as they use them. This is your responsibility—the responsibility of having a plan.
  3. REJECT FEAR, EMBRACE FAMILIARITY – You may want to take the Amish approach and find ways to keep all of these technologies far away. You may feel it, but you cannot succumb to it. After all, this is the world your children are in, and it is far better to train them now while they are under your care then to send them off ignorant.


Challies – Parenting Well in a Digital World

Challies – Technology and the Christian Life

Porn Free Family Plan

As we enter this last and very busy week before celebrating the birth of our Savior, we wanted to remind you about our final class. This Sunday 12/18 we will be looking at the subject of “Dating – Do’s & Don’ts”. As we strive to lead our children in the ways of righteousness, ie. RIGHT living.  It is imperative we teach them the importance of pursuing godly, Christ-centered relationships with the opposite sex. I know many parents, ourselves included, from the moment their child(ren) were born, began to pray that God would lead them to the right help meet at the right time. We look forward to learning and sharing with you Biblical principles on how to lead your child(ren) into the wonderful world of…dating!

Much love,

Pastor Tim & Wendy