Parenting Isn’t For Pushovers – Lessons 2 & 3


Here’s the information for the last two weeks of the Parenting Isn’t for Pushovers series.

Week 2 – Finding Friends

“Children OBEY parents….and HONOR their mother and father…” Eph.6:1-2 (ESV)

As we prepare for another class of Parenting Isn’t for Pushovers, we wanted to take the time to briefly remind you what we covered when we looked at the subject of Finding Friends.


  1.  You are the parent NOT the friend.  Eph. 6:1-2
  2. You are to teach the difference between being friendly and  being a friend.  Prov.17:17, Prov. 18:24, I Cor. 15:33, II Thess. 3:13-15
  3. You are to model what it means to be a friend with a purpose.  Matt. 9:10, John 15:13
         A) Be WISE – Ask God for for wisdom and discernment to reveal to you what you cannot see.
         B) Be ALERT– To your kids actions, words, interests, actions Ie. fear, worry, depression.
         C) Be INVOLVED – KNOW who your kids friends are, GO places w/ them, SHOW them what a Christ-         centered family looks like by inviting them into your home.
         D) Be FUN –Enjoy times together, laugh loud, be silly and spontaneous, LOVE them!

Week 3 – Modesty & Masculinity

  1. Teach Boys to be Gentlemen – MASCULINITY
    A) Teach them to love
    B) Teach them to lead
    C) Teach them to serve
    D) Teach them to be gentle (i.e. Be “meek” in the truest sense of the word “power under control”)
  2. Teach Girls to be Ladies – MODESTY
    A) Teach them to submit
    B) Teach them to be completers
    C) Teach them that true beauty comes from w/in and NOT w/out. Guard their beauty.


Also, this Sunday we are looking forward to having our son, Seth, join us live from Iraq by way of FaceTime as he helps us look at the subject Worshiping God or Worshiping Sports – You Cannot Do Both.

We love you and are praying for you,
Pastor Tim & Wendy