Parenting Isn’t For Pushovers – Lesson 1


I hope you were able to attend the Parenting Isn’t for Pushovers class this past Sunday. We wanted to offer you a list of suggested resources for family and/or individual devotionals as many have requested. We are also including the list of practical things you, as a parent, can be doing as you teach your child(ren) how to obey and honor as Ephesians 6:1-2 instructs.  We are praying for you and look forward to seeing you again this Sunday as we address the subject of Finding Friends.

With much love & grace,
Pastor Tim & Wendy
Parenting Isn’t For Pushovers – How to love your kids enough to say NO!
Week #1 – Parents that Pamper
Teach your children to obey and honor by ….

1. Establishing boundaries in recognition of God’s authority over our own.
2. Letting your child(ren) see  you in the Word and in prayer.
3. Setting time aside to eat together at the table every day and spend intentional time in the Word as a family.
4. Praying before dinner (Wherever you are!) thanking God for His provision, goodness and grace.
5. Encouraging ongoing conversation about the Lord, His Word and life in the light of the Gospel.
6. Looking for themes, messages and storylines in movies, music, media that can be discussed and measured against a Biblical world view.
7. Spending time in creation. 

 Devotional/Study Resources
Young Children: