OWNING Our Vision

by Pastor Tim
This week we are considering what it means to OWN our Vision.  You’ll remember that last week we looked at UNDERSTANDING Our Vision:  WHAT? WHY? HOW?  This week we need to go deeper because there is big difference between Understanding & Owning!


As I mentioned there is a BIG difference between going to a game to watch, cheer and leave as opposed to actually being in the game…having trained, working and sacrificed to play and ultimately win! So how do we go beyond understanding our vision to owning our vision?  In Colossians 3:12-18 – click here for the text it says….

I. We Can OWN Our Vision when we “…let the peace of Christ rule in your heart”(v.15)

The “peace of Christ” includes two components. One being the Greek word for peace which means an “agreement, pact, treaty or bond” and the other being the Hebrew concept of peace which means an “attitude of rest or security”.

Both of these aspects are found in “the peace of Christ”. When you came to Jesus Christ and accepted Him as your Savior, you made an agreement with Christ. You “signed” a truce. Personally, I love how MacArthur stated it “Prior to this, it was as if you and the Lord were at war. You on one side and Christ on the other side and you were going at it. But now it’s as if, in His own blood on the Cross, Jesus wrote a treaty. He wrote a covenant. He wrote a bond. From now on, finally, you and I are at peace….rest and security. That’s a great truth!” J. MacArthur – “Putting on the New Man” Together we need to understand that is what it is like when “the peace of Christ” is truly ruling in one’s heart.

So we need to know that truth and allow that truth to rule, to run, to control, to captivate every part of our our heart and mind, and keep us on task. It literally guides us in all our decisions. Anything you say, do, read, watch, listen to should be consistent with the fact that you and Christ are now at peace. You and Christ are now on same side!

II. We Can OWN Our Vision when we “…let the word of Christ dwell in you richly” (v.16)

The “Word of Christ” refers to the revelation God brought into the world, which is scripture. “Dwell” or enoikeo (greek) literally means to “to live in” or “to be at home”.

It is always great, even fun to travel and stay in a hotel but there is nothing better than coming home! In this passage Paul is calling believers to let Word take up residence be at home in their lives! In other words…let it be settling there and living there. So when they say, “Do you know that person? Do you know who lives in that person’s head?”  The obvious answer should be, “The Word of Christ does.”

To have the kind of compassion, humility, meekness, love, forgiveness and “perfect harmony” or unity described in Colossians 3, it is going to demand that “the word of Christ dwell in you richly”.  This means you are jammed full of God’s Word. I like to think of it as if they were to cut you anywhere you would bleed Bible verses. If you are asked any question you will answer in light of spiritual truths….in light of the Gospel. Let the Word fill you up! It changes you. It transforms you. You see, conversion to Christ is a transformation.  Conversion to Christ is a regeneration. It is a new life, and is something that we think about all the time and talk about all the time.  As a result, this transformation will impact all of our relationships, and a natural outflow will be that it pours out of us into the lives of others.

Watch and listen to see how this is demonstrated:


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