Bridge Loan Offering

BRIDGE LOAN OFFERINGWhat is it and why?

This Sunday, September 13, we will be receiving our Bridge Loan Offering that will go to pay down one of our two mortgages on our new building.  The Bridge Loan covered the costs to complete the Children’s Wing portion of the construction project.  The cost for that part of the project was just over $555,000.  Through your sacrificial giving as well as the proceeds from the sale of church property and the old school building, we have been able to bring the principal portion of that loan down to just over $262,000.  That loan – the Bridge Loan – will have to be refinanced on October 6.  We would like pay it down as much as possible so that money given to the building fund can go to further other projects, particularly the Youth Room that needs to be built downstairs in the basement as well as the front canopy.  Ask God if he would have you be a part of this offering, and if so, what he would have you to give.

BRIDGE LOAN OFFERINGHow can I be involved?

  1. On Sunday, we will have a special collection plate for this offering.  Look for the blue tent in the center of our outside service area.  The collection plate for the Bridge Loan Offering will be located there.  Please be sure to designate your gift by marking the memo line of your check or your offering envelope with the words “Bridge Loan Offering.”
  2. You can give online at our E-giving website.  Look for the “Bridge Loan Offering” designation and you’ll be able to make a simple and secure donation towards this project.

Thank you so much for your continued faithful giving.  God has done so much good for us through you, His Body.  We look forward to seeing how he blesses, and want to continue to use what he provides to minister to his people, our community, and beyond!