Accomplishing Our Vision

From our HEAD to our HEART to our HANDS & FEET
by Pastor Tim

Over the past couple weeks we have been taking some time to focus on Vision 20/20 and learn how each of us can become more involved.

First, we considered Understanding Our Vision, which implies using our minds to fully comprehend what it is the Lord is calling us to do. This clearly involves our HEAD. Secondly, we addressed Owning Our Vision which is allowing “the peace of Christ” and “the Word of Christ to dwell in you richly” this is letting the truth of the Gospel pour out of a HEART that is fully committed to God. Now, in our final week  I want to discuss Accomplishing Our Vision, this speaks about the fact we need be willing to use our HANDS & FEET to work for His glory. This entails getting to know others and building relationships with the purpose of introducing people to Jesus.


We see the importance of showing grace and love to ALL people, like Christ did in James 2:1-10  (click to read the text).

1. Make a connection to the community

When we seek to intentionally connect to our community it will stretch us out of our comfort zone. James 2:1 explains we are to “….show no partiality as you hold the faith of our Lord Jesus” this simply means we cannot have favorites spending time with some while ignoring others. As a church we should be building relationships with people from every part of our community; from LHU to the school districts, from the hospitals to the businesses, from the Boy Scouts to the jail, from the Rotary to karate, from the grocery store to the YMCA.  Take a minute to watch and listen to an example of that happening…

2. Make an effort to invite them to sit at your table

I suggested on Sunday we even take it a step further and invite people from our community to come into our homes and into our lives. Invite folks to sit at your table, have dinner together and talk, get to know one another over pie and coffee. Opening up our homes and our lives takes effort and intentionality, and most importantly, it requires love.  Sharing life together in this way is such an important thing, scripture makes a point to give us the example of the early church doing exactly this in Acts 2:46 – “….together…breaking bread in their homes.”

3. Make sure to speak the truth of the Gospel

If you recall part of our vision reads “building relationships so that God is glorified and lives are transformed through the Gospel”. This challenges us to be purposeful to give people, not just our time, our attention and our love but most importantly we are to give people the hope, joy and grace that only Jesus can give. It is Good News to know that Jesus can rescue anyone from any sin through His death on the cross which paid the price of our sin, forgiving us and redeeming us when we turn to Him and from our sin. That is the Gospel. Just this week I heard the testimony of a woman, in our church who led another woman in our community to the Lord after sitting and spending time together. Together, we are a church with a purpose to offer the truth of the Gospel to all.

Vision 20/20, we understand it with our HEAD, we own it with our HEART, and we accomplish it with our HANDS & FEET going into our community, building relationships and introducing them to Jesus.

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