Deadly Doctrines – Lesson 6

In recent years, many books have been published in the fiction genre with the aim to teach theology. But theology is not fictional. So what are we to do with these books when they get away from biblical truth? In this final class on Deadly Doctrines, we will consider the role of discernment when it[…]

Deadly Doctrines – Lesson 5

What is the prosperity gospel and why is it so prominent? Many teachers claim that it is God’s desire for Christians to be rich. But is that why Jesus died? Today, we compare the teaching of the popular prosperity gospel with the truth of Scripture to see if we should accept of reject this deadly[…]

Deadly Doctrines – Lesson 4

What do Catholics actually believe, is it really all that different from Protestants? This week, we look at the Roman Catholic understanding of justification, or, how a person is made righteous before God. As we compare it to Scripture, we will see just how different, even deadly, it is.

Deadly Doctrines – Lesson 3

Mormons. You’ve heard about them, but what do they believe? They call themselves the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. But who is Jesus in their belief system and where do they get their beliefs from? As we discuss this and more, we will discover the deadly doctrine that is taught by friendly[…]

Deadly Doctrines – Lesson 2

In the second week of the Sunday School class, Deadly Doctrines, we consider important issues in regards to Jehovah’s Witnesses. This is a popular teaching that many of us have encountered. But is this something we should accept or reject? As we compare this teaching with what the Bible says, we find the teaching of[…]

Deadly Doctrines – Lesson 1

In the first week of Deadly Doctrines, we will looked at false doctrine, sound doctrine, and how to train ourselves to distinguish between them. Doctrine simply is a teaching that we believe and live according to. So it is important that we are able to distinguish between the two and accept or reject a teaching[…]

Bible from the Ground Up – Inductive Bible Study

Week 4 Living according to God’s word is the goal of reading and studying Scripture. In order for us to do that, we discussed a method that allows us to understand what the text says, what it means, and what we are supposed to do about it. The process for studying Scripture is the same[…]

Bible from the Ground Up – Lesson 3

Because God is the Author of Scripture, God is speaking to us through the Bible. We know that His words always prove true and that they contain no errors. His words are eternal and will be true forever and we must be fully dependent on God’s word to live. Most importantly, what God says will[…]

Bible from the Ground Up – Lesson 2

In the Bible there are two major divisions: The Old Testament and the New Testament. In the Old Testament we see the theme of promise of what is to come in Christ. In the New Testament the theme is fulfillment, or promises kept. All of Scripture points to Christ, and we are to read it[…]

Bible from the Ground Up – Lesson 1

Reading the Bible can be a daunting task. Maybe that’s why 23% of Christians never read their Bible according to Barna Research. But when Jesus says man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Father (Matthew 4:4), this does not make sense. So what do[…]