Sunday School in 2019

July 14 – September 1
Limited availability for the Building a Biblical Life class.
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Christian Basics
Taught By: Dr. Art Gray
Location: Church Auditorium

“Read your Bible.” “Pray.” “Memorize Scripture.” These things and many other sayings are heard here often. But How do I do them? And why do I do them? In this class, we will look at these and other important practices of the Christian life and learn why they matter and how we are to do them.


Building a Biblical Life
Taught By: Aaron Batdorf
Location: Classroom 1

This class exists as an introduction to the doctrines of the Christian faith. Whether you are young or old in the faith, it is important to know the God in whom you believe. This class will not exist simply to study doctrine; rather, we seek to know God for the purpose of living lives that will glorify him. Everything in this class will seek to draw us closer to the God who made us, saved us, and will return to claim us as His bride. We will spend eight weeks growing together for the purpose of going into the world to make disciples of all nations.