Sunday School in 2019

November 10 – December 29
Limited availability for the Financial, Seeking Him, and Teach the Word classes.
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Taught By: Matt McDermit
Location: Auditorium

If we as believers are to be dead to sin, then why does sin so easily entangle us? If you have been struggling to break free from a particular cycle of sin in you rlife, please join us. The class, Overcoming Habitual Sin, will deal with the difficult patterns of sin that many believers battle and will provide hope, rooted in the Gospel, to those who have been stuck in the insanity cycle of sin.


Taught By: Bobby Varholak
Location: Classroom 2

This course provides grace-filled teaching with an excellent balance of Biblical principles and practical application. The eight-week course enables you to reflect on your relationship to money and how it impacts your relationship to God, through profitable stewardship. Join us as we study God’s Word and apply how to be a good steward with what the Lord has blessed us.

SEEKING HIM: Experiencing the Joy of Personal Revival
Taught By: Brianna Batdorf & Amy Bechdel
Location: Classroom 1 (Women’s Class)

Are you tired of trying to be a good Christian? Are you overloaded or worn out with church activities? Do you sometimes feel as if you’re just going through the motions? Do you feel heaviness or shame more than you feel joy and freedom in your Christian life? If so, God may be calling you to personal spiritual revival- which starts by seeking Him. This class for women invites all the Marthas to stop what they’re doing, sit at His feet, and seek deeper relationship and intimacy with God.  

Taught By: Pastor Aaron Batdorf
Location: Classroom 3

This class is for those of you looking to be equipped to teach a Sunday School class, Home Group, or even teach a small group Bible study! There will be both teaching and implementation as we seek to sharpen one another in the role of teaching in the church.